26 Oct 2011

Getting To Know You: Book Addict


Today is the first Getting To Know You interview... If you have yet to hear of this new feature/meme, I’ve just started at blog is, it’s simple! Every week, on a Wednesday, I’ll feature a blogger and interview them. You’ll get to know them and have the opportunity to meet new YA Blogs. So what are we waiting for, let’s meet our first featured blogger! Without further ado, our first participant! And here she is…

Q & A
How long have you been blogging?
I´ve actually been blogging for about a year new, I used to have a book review blog and kinda like a diary but, as you may know, in Mexico reading is not a habit many people have. So I had practically no one to talk to about books, so I closed that blog/diary until I found Goodreads and met a community of people that shared my love for books. A little after that I open Book Addict; that was two months ago.
Why did you decide to create a blog?
I wanted a place where I could share my love for books and I found that blogging was a great way to do that if you have a common interest with other people. Long story short a friend from PNR & UF Fanatics convinced me and here I am!!!!
How did your blog name originate?
That was really silly actually, my BFF got me a kindle for my B-day and at my first chance I bought like 20 books. Bookstores in Mexico rarely bring PNR books, and almost never in English, so I was so excited that I slept with my oh so lovable kindle under my pillow. One night my Hub told me “it´s like u are addicted to that thing” and I realized that I actually was/am. So Book Addict was like admitting my addiction to the world, but that´s a great addiction to have, isn´t it?
How did you get into reading? Have you always been a reader?
Well my love for reading comes from my mother, she has this giant library at her house with hundreds of books and I used to borrow *without her knowledge* books when I was young, and I became a Shakespeare Fan.
As I grew, I lost the interest because I had no one to talk about books, my mother aside so I stopped, and about one or two years ago I ran into the Twilight Saga and even though it’s not that good of a book it restarted my love for reading.
What was the last book you read, that made you feel like shouting from the rooftops, ‘cause it was that good!
That´s easy, Her Dark Destiny by Dave Ferraro, I loved that book.
Bookish and Random...
Fave Literal Book Crush...
Adrian Ivashkov - Vampire Academy
Ren Laroche - Nightshade

Zadist - Black Dagger Brotherhood

Edmond Dantes - The Count of Monte Cristo
Acheron - Dark Hunters

Favourite TV Show(s)...Friends, Fringe, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory
Favourite authors...
Richelle Mead (YA)
Andrea Cremer (YA)
J.R. Ward (Adult)
Lora Leigh (Adult)
Hardback or Ebook?
Hardback all the way but I can´t get those here so I always buy ebooks.
Quote that you live by (or simply like)...
“Never pass up new experienes, they enrich the mind” from Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell.
When your not reading, what do you like to do?
I like to go to the living room and sit with a cup of coffee or a Diet coke and some chocolates LOL!!!, I need my sugar rush and time to just relax. Sometimes I even take notes from the books on a little note pad I have.
Reading for me is like a getaway from all the responsibilities I have on a regular day, so at night it’s time for myself. It´s my own pat on the back for a hard day at work.
Thanks Karla, for being our first interviewed blogger and participating in Getting To Know You!