11 Jan 2014

What Do Non-Bloggers Want? If that's YOU, it's turbo (oops, survey) time!

Yesterday I posted a discussion about catering for non-bloggers and I've already had a few responses (thank you - I love, read and appreciate every comment) and others helping spread the word on Twitter. I want to continue making my blog a more reader and non-blogger friendly zone so I've made a survey and I'd appreciate your feedback.

So if you are a non-blogger who loves to read, please help me, help you, by answering this short survey. To say thanks, I'll be sending out swag to EVERYONE (just as long as the numbers don't get too crazy...or until my swag collection runs out) who takes part and it's open to all!

What are you waiting for? Get surveying

*Results may be shared at a later date but all responses will be anonymous. Promise!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome idea! Can't wait to see the results!