21 Dec 2015

Goodbye For Now

To ease your pain, I present you with David Tennant and his cute face.

I’ve been kind of avoiding writing this post because even though I know it’s the right decision, these words are not easy to type. I’ve never been a frequent organised blogger, but you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been around much of late. The truth is, I think I’ve been pushing myself to read for a while now and it’s caught up with me. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve lost that reading spark that I first started out with. And as a lifelong reader, it’s very saddening to have come to that point. As the year comes to a close, challenge signups come out and the excitement for the books 2016 releases grows, it makes me want to stay.  on. Things just look brighter and shiny at the start of a new year, I suppose.

I’m going miss being a blogger in this amazing community so very much. Whether you're a long time follower or someone who stops by now and then, thanks for visiting, comments that brighten my day and for your friendship. <3

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’ll be gone for good though. I’ll still be around on Twitter and please do reach out and say hey. Promise me, OK? And of course, I’ll still be visiting blogs when I get the chance. You can't get rid of me that easily.

Next year I plan to fall back in love with reading.

Paper beneath my fingertips, 
the sound of flickering pages, 
head stuck in a book

What are your 2016 plans?  

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