28 Jul 2011

Hello, Hello, Hello!
And welcome to my first ever book blog and first official post!
It's quite exciting!

I hope to have lots of fun writing reviews and reading books, but as I am new to this it may be a bit of a bumpy start. So feel free to drop me a message, recommendation, advice or anything else, at

Big shout-out to Nic from Irresistible Reads and Nomes from inkcrush. Both helped in answering some of my blog questions.
Thanks Guys. :)

I hope you join me on my blogging adventures and have some fun along the way.


  1. Rebecca your blog looks amazing! I am glad to have helped and I look forward to your reviews :)

  2. A very nice blog header it is, yes. (Y)

    Just a smack-in-the-face reminder that I need to do something about my layout. It's just been so long since I've really tinkered with HTML and layouts that I can't be bothered. :P

    Your blog is going to be great! Can't wait to see what's in store.

  3. The Header is Gorgeous!!!

  4. Just WHO is this fantabulous, sexy, amazing Aussie gal? She loves to READ?! And write reviews?! And she sounds SUPER sweet?! AND her last name is Merrick?! OMG I LOVE HER ALREADY.

    Oh wow, your first year blogoversary is coming up next month! It feels like you've been blogging (translation: "I've been stalking") longer than July 2011... crazy. I hope you stick around for many, many, many, many more years, my Cupcake Queen :D