20 Oct 2011

Leaving Jetty Road by Rebecca Burton

Leaving Jetty Road by Rebecca Burton

Nat, Lise, and Sofia are best friends. This year, their last year of high school, none of them foresees the changes that will occur in their lives.
This is the year that Nat—the go-between, the peacemaker—gets a job and meets a drop-dead gorgeous chef named Josh.
This is the year that Lise—quiet, shy, and solitary Lise—decides to take control of her life by taking control of her weight.
This is the year that Sofia—the ultimate guy magnet—gets her nose pierced and falls seriously in love for the first time in her life.
This is the year that will change each of them forever.
When your stuck in a reading rut, it’s important to read only books that will help and aid you through this terrible time! After abandoning a book (which I hate doing!), I’m glad I picked this up and gave it a go!. It’s so nice getting caught up in a story and not wanting to put it down and that’s exactly what happened when I opened up this book.
I really liked reading about the characters that Burton had created – especially Nat, Lise and Sofe. I thought it would be hard to keep track of three girl protogs; just because it could get a bit messy and muddled. But after sorting out who was who, it was fine.
The author had a nice prose. I liked that she altered every few chapter between the girls, except for Sofia, which I found a bit odd. My fave of the girls, was definitely Nat, and loved when I came to her perspective in the book. Although, really you could of given me any of the three’s POV and I would of enjoyed it! I wish she’d bring out some other books!
A new Aussie favourite of mine.
Rating 4/5
Has anyone read Beyond Evie by Rebecca Burton? Was it any good? Have you read Leaving Jetty Road – did you love it as much as I did? Comment below!!


  1. oh i am SO glad you love this book :) i loved it too, (my editoin has a different cover though)

    i havent read 'beyond evie' but i am pretty sure that thematically it is not my kind of book :/

    i thought it was weird only having two POV's as well, but it didnt worry me :)

    btw, your blog is looking fab <3

  2. Yes, it really grabbed me. My kind of book!

    Beyond Evie, doesn't sound like my type either. Ashame, cause I would love to read more by this author!

    I know, what was with the POV's. But I enjoyed it just the same.

    Thank you Nomes! :)