14 Mar 2012

Waiting On Wednesday #2

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking The Spine where you spotlight an upcoming book release your eagerly anticipating!

Releases: September, 2012

The story of a girl named Chelsea Knot who takes a voluntary oath of silence after her gossip-mongering ways yield unexpected consequences…
After reading Saving June and falling in love as soon as I heard she had a new book coming I was excited! The story sounds quite mysterious as there’s not much of a blurb, but despite that I can’t wait to dig in! Not really digging the cover…but it sure will stand out!

Releases: June 19th, 2012
When Travis returns home from a stint in Afghanistan, his parents are splitting up, his brother’s stolen his girlfriend and his car, and he’s haunted by nightmares of his best friend’s death. It’s not until Travis runs into Harper, a girl he’s had a rocky relationship with since middle school, that life actually starts looking up. And as he and Harper see more of each other, he begins to pick his way through the minefield of family problems and post-traumatic stress to the possibility of a life that might resemble normal again. Travis’s dry sense of humor, and incredible sense of honor, make him an irresistible and eminently lovable hero.
Oooh! I’ve heard fantastic things and the premise sounds great! Plus, it’s from a guys POV, which is rare in YA and when done well it’s amazing! :D


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  2. Oath of silence. Wonder if something will make her break her oath. worth a read!

    And a guy's POV for Something Like Normal? I'll definitely try. All I've read from YA is from a girl's POV.

    Great picks.

    Here's my WOW for the week
    (posted the wrong link earlier. Hehe)

  3. Fantastic picks! I can't wait to get my hands on both of those when they come out! Thanks for sharing! My WoW

    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  4. Great picks! They both sound very interesting. I hope you enjoy them when they come out (:

    Celine ~ Nyx Book Reviews
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  5. They both sound great! I'm definitely looking forward to Something Like Normal :)

    My pick for this week is here :)
    Happy reading!
    Vicky Books, Biscuits & Tea

  6. I can't wait for Speechless! Sounds fantastic! I've yet to read Saving June because I haven't had the time but SOON. Hopefully <3

  7. i can't freaking wait for something like normal

    i have jet 2 read saving june
    the white cover is so simple but beautiful

    my WoW