13 Jul 2012

Discussion - Book Slumps

Once upon a time in the land of crazyville a girl name Becca used to read wether she was enjoying a book or despising it with great hatred.

Ha, that might be just a bit exaggerated…but it is true. Before I met book blogging and book blogging met me I used to read everything and anything whether I was loving it or not. Back then I didn’t stop midway because I wasn’t into it, I used to read until the very end. But a lot has changed since then…
Recently I’ve noticed I’m very picky when it comes to books, I don’t have as much patience like I used to. Since joining the book blogging world I’ve discovered reading slumps – the deadly kryptonite which harms readers. Last year I had countless reading slumps which were terrible. This year hasn’t been as bad but I don’t think I’ve been enjoying reading as much as I have in previous years. I still love reading, I still love blogging and I adore the online book blogging world like CRAZY but it’s just after being introduced to reading slumps and their horridness I’ve noticed when I start a book I sometimes expect it to be BAM amazing straight away. I know, I know this is terrible on my part, I should be put in timeout and be striped of my rights to read because sometimes all you need to do is warm up to the authors style or get hooked into the story or get into the spirit of things and become immersed in it all. Sometimes all it requires it a bit of time and effort. But when it comes to reading I’ve become a bit of a grumpy granny…
This is me...well kind of...
For instance, two books which I had trouble with at the start which I didn’t think I would be able to get into it, ended up being brilliant! One of them was Everneath by Brodi Ashton and the other was Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Luckily I soldiered on with both these books because they ended up being AMAZING. If I hadn’t given them a fair go, I wouldn’t have ended up reading two fantastically written books and gotten to experience them.
I usually read up to page 100 or so and if I’m still not feeling it I put it down and start a new book. But recently I haven’t even been making able to make it past that…
So. My goal:
Give books a fair go like I used to. This means reading up to at least the 100 page mark! (Update: I’ve started doing this again and it’s going great! YAY me! :)
So whilst I do that, here’s a question (or two) for you!
How do you handle reading slumps?
How much of a chance do you give a book before you call it quits?
I hope you have enjoyed my first discussion post! Feel free to leave me a suggestion of what you would like to see me chat about next; I’d love to hear your thoughts! :)

***Update: I'm actually not in a book slump. This discussion is more about me trying to avoid them at all costs (if that can even be done!)


  1. I think you're more patient than I am. I'm usually willing to give a book a good chance if its only the plot that's bugging me- have to trust that authors know what they're doing to some extent. If something is just badly written, I'm usually done by page 50. Of course, there are times when I publically commit to reading terrible books, and then it just gets ugly (see my blog for details).

  2. Me too! When I was in school I would read anything, and pretty much have no trouble finishing any book. But that was also perhaps due to the fact that books on the curriculum sorta NEEDED to be read. (and i really soaked in books a lot easier then too for some reason... i think it might have been because i was younger and less critical)
    Now I'm at uni, and even though I have a dozen books to read for one unit alone I can easily get away with only reading one or two of them. At uni, everything is up to me! Which can really have its down points.

  3. I feel the same exact way! Part of the reason I never DNFed a book before blogging was because I didn't have a ton of books just laying around to choose from. If I bought it, I read it. Also, now with Goodreads, I've found so many books I want to read that I have priorities so I don't want to waste my time reading "meh" books when there are books out there I know I'll love. Also, I've got more responsibilities with blogging. When I have ARC's and everything, I know that I need to read those so I can get reviews up. So, when I have a book I'm just not getting in to, I got ahead and put it aside. I just don't have time to waste. Though, I've tried to not request as many ARCs because it started feeling more like a job than a hobby.

    Like right now, I'm thinking of DNFing Glitch. I'm 46% through and its just not working for me. I don't really have a certain time in a book when I'll DNF. Usually, its about almost halfway through. If its not catching my attention by then, then I highly doubt it ever will.

    Great discussion post! You're not alone! Hope you get out of your reading slump.

    All the best ♥
    Mackenzie @ Oh, For the Love of Books!

  4. I am exactly the same as you! I have noticed myself being the same way, getting into reading slumps! For me, once I realise I am in a bit of a slump, I like to re-read something I love! Even switching from reading the last 5 books on my kindle to reading 1 print copy makes a huge difference for me, because I find that after reading so many galley's on my Kindle, I get sick of looking at the screen, e-ink or not!

    I usually read up to 80 or so pages, I think it really depends!

    Fabulous discussion post! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for the next one! :) <3

  5. Becca, I've been in the worst reading slump since like May! I haven't been able to read comfortably and really get back into routine since my exams and I hate it!

    I also think TV is part of the problem, I've found these new TV shows and they're taking up all my time - eek!

    For me, if I start I book - I have to finish it. Even if it sucks. my OCD kicks in and the thought of an unfinished book KILLS ME. I guess the best thing to do with a reading slump is to just soldier through it. And read the books you want not the books you NEED to :)


    You know, BEFORE I started blogging, it was typical of me to have a slump where I just didn't WANT to read. Last year, in between January and the beginning of March, I read NOTHING... and then went on to read somethign like 107 books in the next 9 months of the year... and I did the same thing the year before... but I didn't mind. It meant I could read when I wantedm and WHAT I wanted.

    The only 'problem' with blogging is the feeling of pressure to read a book, finish a book, and REVIEW a book, and sometimes I just want to read for pleasure. I guess on the bright side, since I started blogging, I haven't had the luxury of not reading for a month, so... yeah... it's difficult, huh? I find when I'm in the midst of a slump, it's time to read something else. If I've been reading nothing but paranormal young adult novels, I'll pick up an adult historical romance. And sometimes I just NEED some action and heat, so I'll read an adult UF/PNR.