1 Aug 2012

Books I'm Wishing For: August Edition!

With so many wonderful books coming out in 2012, I thought why not highlight all the books that I’m excited for each month!

My August wish list might be small, but if the book fairy delivered these to me I’d be over the moon! Here are the books I’m wishing for this month:

If I Lie by Corrine Jackson – This looks so good!
The Dark Light by Sara Walsh – The premise sounds riveting, plus I’ve heard it’s very different from other paranormal titles out there so I’m excited to see how this one goes!
Starting From Here by Lisa Jenn Bigelow – Very excited about this one and have been since I first heard about it!
August releases I’ve read and completely recommend:

Losing Lila (Lila #2) by Sarah Alderson – This is even more amazing than Hunting Lila – EPIC. Read my review.
The Waiting Sky by Lara Zielin – I read this last week and loved it! It certainly took me by surprise! Review coming soon.
What releases are you looking forward to this month?


  1. AAh Waiting Sky was SO good, right? I can't wait for Losing Lila!! If I Lie sounds really good too I've seen no reviews yet though, weird!

  2. THE WAITING SKYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I really can't wait to read this one--I just have to find the time!

    ALSO. BECCA. I LOVE YOUR NEW COMMENTS. It's so much easier to comment :D

    1. Eeeeeeeeep! Try to find the time soon, I think you'll like it :D

      Yay for making it easier to comment! ♥

  3. I saw If I Lie earlier today on a blog on a post similar to this and it was the first I've heard of it. I want to read it! I'm really liking these military contemps!