11 Aug 2012

Losing Lila Blog Tour: Feature On Locations

I am pleased to bring you the 10th tour stop on the UK & Australian blog tour for the sequel, Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson! Read on for a guest post from Sarah on locations!

Without further ado, the amazing Sarah Alderson!

Warning: there may be a spoiler or two if you haven’t yet read Hunting Lila yet. Beware!
Feature on locations...
I like to base all my books around locations I’ve been to or lived in. The opening of Hunting Lila was set in South London where I grew up (Lila was at the school I used to go to) and all the scenes later in the book in California were places I’d roadtripped to.

Losing Lila starts in Mexico – where Alex and Lila are on the run from the Unit. The book begins in Mexico City with a mad chase scene across the rooftops and into the cathedral. It’s a great location for a Bourne style chase because it’s such an intense city – it’s vast and crowded and hot and the Zocalo, which is the big square in the centre is filled with tourists making it the perfect place for a frantic, action-packed escape.
Losing Lila starts in Mexico
When I visited the city, I was a student and we stayed in a sketchy hotel in the centre which served in my imagination as the place Alex and Lila are hiding out in. We took the bus from there to Tulum, which is on the Caribbean Yucatan coast. And that’s where I sent Alex and Lila next.
Talum, located on the Caribbean Yucatan coast
Tulum is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve been there twice, once in 2000 and again in 2009. It’s this incredible stretch of white sand with palm trees fringing it, and crystal clear aquamarine ocean. When we were there they were filming an Ambre Solaire advert right in front of our hotel. That’s the kind of backdrop we’re talking about. I used the hotel we stayed in as the place that Alex and Lila stay. It was this collection of four cottages right on the beach, thatched with hammocks strung across the balconies. Insanely romantic and just what was needed after the stress and excitement of Mexico City.
Where Lila and Alex stay and also go skinny dipping *waggles eyebrows*
This is where they stay and it’s also the place where Lila and Alex go skinny-dipping. Ahum.
After Mexico the action moves once again to Oceanside in California, where Camp Pendleton Marine Base is located. Oceanside is a really pretty town on the coast just north of San Diego.
Oceanside in California
The pier there is lovely – it’s this wooden jetty that stretches so far out to sea and I knew when I walked along it that it would make a great spot for a scene between Alex and Lila.

A marina you migh spot in Losing Lila...
There’s also a marina right next door which came in handy too…but I’m not going to give anything else away!

I hope you enjoy the book!
A massive thanks to Simon and Schuster for including me in the Losing Lila blog tour, and to Sarah for taking the time to write this awesome post! Make sure you check out all the other wonderful tour stops, featuring interviews, extracts, giveaways, guest posts and much more!


  1. I LOVE how the beginning of Lila is just bam bam bam from the very start, she wastes no time throwing us into her addictive thrillrides. And... ugh. I don't know whether to love or hate the fact that practically all the places in her books are inspired by ACTUAL visits she's had there. It makes it feel all the more real and alive, but I'm crazy jealous :P

    I'm loving these visuals, though. Makes me want to go back and reread Losing Lila so I can re-imagine it all over again... especially that skinny dipping scene.... purely so I can get the flow of the water right. Nothing to do with Alex's manly parts. None at all. None. I said NONE, OKAY?


    1. BAM BAM BAM. Losing Lila was...amazing. Seriously, SO GOOD AND ACTIONY. Let's call it a love-hate relationship. You love Sarah but at the same time you can't help but be a bit jelly.... ;)

      Oh that skinny dipping scene. *giggles* None, got it! All you want to do is get a flow of the water...Alex can just be a bonus ;D

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! Oh goodness, I'm loving that Sarah KNOWS all these places--they're so vivid in the books, and it makes sense knowing they are places Sarah KNOWS. It's AMAZING. Thanks so much for hosting and sharing, B! And to Sarah for her awesome! ♥

    1. THE AWESOMEST! Lila and Alex travel all over the place, and to know Sarah's been to all those places? O___O Woah!

  3. AHHHHHHH! Now that I've finally read Losing Lila, I LOVE seeing images of the places in it! And god, you can tell that Sarah knows these places - one of my favourite things about her writing is how you can always picture the scene so vividly!

    Amazing post! <3

    1. YES. Sarah has mad skills in the livid description department. Along with her steamy scenes and sexy book boys ;D *winks* *fans self*