3 Sep 2012

AAA: The Wrap Up

After 31 days, dozens of authors, and perhaps best of all--YOU--later, Author Appreciation August has drawn to a close. We've had a ball, and hope you've felt the same, so in one last hurrah, here's the AAA round-up!

First, we owe an enormous round of thank yous. To the authors, the biggest thank you of all. This even couldn't have happened without your time, generosity and the hard work you put into writing the stories we love. We can't thank you enough, but we hope you know just how damn loved you are.

To the publishers: thank you for making this event possible.
Allen & Unwin, Hachette Australia and Date a Book, Hachette UK,  Hardie Grant Egmont, Simon and Schuster Australia, you are amazing, and we love you.

To YOU. Thank you for your time, energy, and showing the authors involved some love. You are rockstars.

And last but not least, a MASSIVE thank you to my gorgeous co-cost, Sarah. It may have been mine idea which started this but August would have been nothing without her. She's the best sidekick a girl could ask for and I love that this event had brought us even closer together. *hugs*
Giveway Winners!
And lastly, congratulations to our AAA Giveaway winners! There are MANY of you. Check the Rafflecopter form below for your name, and if you've won, we'll be in touch shortly.
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Event Schedule
If you've missed any posts, worry not! See below for a list of all the AAA entries.

Appreciation Posts - I appreciate:
Wednesday 1st August:
Reading Wishes:
Introduction + GIVEAWAYS + Schedule
Appreciaton Posts Introduction

saz101:Introduction + GIVEAWAYS + Schedule
Appreciaton Posts Introduction

Thursday 2nd August
Reading Wishes:
Sarah Alderson, author of HUNTING LILA - Top 5 Authors I Appreciate
saz101: Interview with Lauren Kate

Friday 3rd August
Reading Wishes: Author Giveaway
saz101: Author Giveaway

Saturday 4th August
Reading Wishes: Jennifer Echols - 5 books I wish I’d written
saz101: Jill Hathaway, author of SLIDE - Top 5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Being Published

Monday 6th August
saz101: Interview with Marissa Meyer, author of CINDER!

Tuesday 7th August
Reading Wishes: Guest post from Jodi Meadows, author of INCARNATE:’The Sequel - Writing Book 2’

Wednesday 8th August
saz101: Interview with Jay Kristoff, author of STORMDANCER

Thursday 9th August
Reading Wishes: Jennifer E. Smith - Top 5 Books That Changed My World

Friday 10th August
Reading Wishes: Interview with Elizabeth Eulberg, author of TAKE A BOW
saz101: Teri Terry, author of SLATED - 5 Things Writing Has Taught Me

Monday 13th August
saz101: Rebecca Serle, author of WHEN YOU WERE MINE - 5 Lessons My Characters have Taught Me

Tuesday 14th August
Reading Wishes: Vlog from Leila Sales, author of PAST PERFECT

Wednesday 15th August
saz101: Interview with Jessica Shirvington, author of EMBRACE and ENTICE

Thursday 16th August
Reading Wishes: Interview with Miranda Kenneally, author of CATCHING JORDAN
saz101: Interview with Cat Patrick, author of FORGOTTEN and REVIVED

Friday 17th August
saz101: Elizabeth Norris, author of UNRAVELING - 5 Literary Quotes that Inspire Me

Saturday 18th August
Reading Wishes: Guest post by Katherine Longshore, author of GILT - 'A Day In The Life Of A Writer'

Monday 20th August
saz101: Interview with Lauren Oliver, author of DELIRIUM and BEFORE I FALL

Tuesday 21st August
Reading Wishes: Jessica Spotswood, author of BORN WICKED - Top 5 Authors Who Shaped Me Into The Writer I am Today

Wednesday 22nd August
saz101: Guest post from Brigid Kemmerer, author of STORM and SPARK: The Writer’s Schedule

Thursday 23rd August
Reading Wishes: Interview with Kirsty Eagar, author of NIGHT BEACH
saz101: Interview with Maria V. Snyder, author of TOUCH OF POWER and INSIDE OUT

Friday 24th August
Reading Wishes: On Authors - the Publishers SPILL!
saz101: Jennifer L. Armentrout, author of HALF-BLOOD and OBSIDIAN - 5 Things I Hate About Writing

Saturday 25th August
Reading Wishes: Huntley Fitzpatrick, author of MY LIFE NEXT DOOR

Monday 27th August
saz101: Interview with Gail Carriger, author of SOULLESS and ETIQUETTE & ESPIONAGE

Tuesday 28th August
Reading Wishes: Kody Keplinger - author of DUFF and A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHTMARE

Wednesday 29th August
saz101: Louisa Reid, author of BLACK HEART BLUE - 5 Things That inspire My Writing


  1. I'm so glad you posted all of those links in one place, because I missed a few and had no idea where to start!

    What a wonderful event you two, well done. You deserve so many hugs and kisses!!! Thanks for a great month!!

    1. Aw, thanks, Hannah! Were so glad to hear you enjoyed the event, it means so much! *hugs* ♥

  2. AHHHH I WON SOMETHING! I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW :D WOOOO! Ooooh and thanks for posting the rest of the links, I've been slack these past few days! <3

    THANKYOU for a wonderful month!

    1. YOU DID! No worries, glad to help out with the links, have fun catching up! :)

      No worries, T! It was our pleasure to host the event ♥

  3. Aw, it's over!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! This was like, the best event ever. I said this on Sarah's blog, but... this should definitely be a once a year event. ;) Thanks Rebecca & Sarah for being so fantastic! :D

    1. Ha, the best event ever? :D Aww, thanks Kristen! I loved having you stop by everyday and your comments were lovely to read. And your sweet AAA letter to authors? and your wonderful, electric energy for this event? Seriously, thank you SO MUCH. Your presence during August was muchly appreciated! ♥ A yearly event? Phew! *swipes brow* We'll see ;D

  4. I SAD IT'S ALL OVER :( You and Sarah have done an absolutely AMAZING job at making us fall in love with these incredible authors all over again. They deserve every ounce of appreciation and recognition you gave them throughout the month. And thank you for introducing us all to some new ones too! The posts were all amazing and well thought out and ENJOYABLE! So thank you :)

    And congrats to the winners!

    1. Don't be sad, B! *huggles* Aw, thanks, so glad to hear you had fun!