8 Dec 2012

Guest Post: BlogINK finalist Faye shares her fave genres + GIVEAWAY

Today on the blog I am pleased to welcome Faye from A Daydreamer’s Thoughts! I might not know Faye all that well but her blog is awesome and she seems lovely, plus swoony, British accent alert! Now, Faye’s not here just for any old reason, she’s here because she has the chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity that any blogger would dream for: to win a paid job blogging with Mira Ink! If you’d like to help Team Faye, it’s simple: At the end of this post is a link to a YouTube video. Watch it, ‘Like’ it, Comment on its YouTube page, and share it around. Plus, if you comment or share the video, you automatically go into the draw to win a fabulous bookish prize!

I would like to start this guest post by thanking the adorable Rebecca for allowing me to post for her today. I have long been a fan of her blog and so it’s really nice to be able to say something to all of her amazing followers. Besides, it’s pretty swell in here. *looks about*. *cough*. Errr. Right. So... today I have written a post for you all about the genres I love to read and some of my favourite books within those genres! Hope you like it!

Initially this was going to be a guest post about my top genres and why I like them but when I started listing them and I realised how many there were, I figured that this post would become much too long if I attempted it. So, instead, this post is a list of my top ten genres or sub-genres and my favourite book I read within that genre in 2012. Hopefully it’ll give you an idea about what kinds of books I love to read, and maybe you’ll find a new one to pick up and try!

So this genre is still fairly new to me but I absolutely love it. My pick for this genre is....
I have always loved this genre but haven’t read any for a long time before 2012 but I read so many this year that I actually couldn’t narrow this down to just one book, sorry! My picks for this genre are...
Stories revolving around ghosts are so amazing. I love how different they all are, how they really question life and existence and what comes next! My pick for this genre is...
There are so many great, fantastic, marvellous fantasy stories and I once again found myself struggling to choose just one. So I ended up splitting it onto a sub-genre too, see below! My pick for fantasy is...
Always love me an urban-fantasy – and well, most fantasies really! My pick for this genre is...
This is a genre that I usually avoid because when I think of it, I think of Star Wars, Star Trek, etc, and I can’t stand them. But this year I decided to branch out and I am so glad I did because there are some amazing Sci-Fi books out there! My pick for this genre is...
Okay, so technically this should also be under the fantasy heading but I did say I couldn’t choose right? So I have only started reading Fey stories this year but I love them so much! But I still need to read Wicked Lovely which I have heard is amazing. My pick for this genre is...
As a younger person, adventure was a genre that I devoured. It is one that I read a lot of at the moment, but I still really love it and couldn’t not include it in this post! My pick for this genre is...
Crime/Thriller Love, love, love, this genre. I love the suspense and the mystery and the “who-dunnit” question that runs through your head, but I also like those stories where crime is happening to someone – as awkward as I realised that just sounded by I mean stories like Stolen by Lucy Christopher! My pick for this genre is...
Watching scary movies has never interested me, much preferring to stick to the psychological thrillers but only because I never feel scared from them – although some do have good storylines... some! But, when it comes to reading, I love horror books! My pick for this is one that I read in Audio book format and it made it that much more interesting to me!

So there we have it! Ten genres, eleven books (ooops.). Do you have any recommendations for me? And what are YOUR top genres?

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  1. OOh, I've read most of these, but I SO need to read Anna Dressed in Blood. it's been on my list since it came out :)

    1. Yes you must! I only read it recently but it is so brilliant!!

  2. Crime is my all time favourite but (even though I'm fairly new just like Faye) I love dystopian books too :) Divergent was fantastic <3 I can't wait to read Insurgent now!

    1. Crime <3 and Divergent <3
      Insurgent is good Vicky! Though, I didn't like it as much but it was still amazing!

  3. Faye... did I detect a dig at Star Wars and Star Trek? Like, two of my gre4at loves? Because... I mean... we might have to not be friends anymore O___O

    Except not. Because I love you a semi-creepy amount.

    But seriously.

    DIVERGENT! It's like, our book. Some people have songs, but we have a BOOK! Uh... wait... I really am being creepy. Um...

    *backs away*

    Seriously, though, Divergent is totally my fave Dystopian.
    And... hmmm... Saving June is my favorite contemp. Anna and the French Kiss is a nearly equal second. AND SPEECHLESS. OMG. I LOVE HANNAH HARRINGTON.

    And Sci-fi? I LOVE CINDER. SO MUCH. But Unravelling by Liz Norris? I go gaga for that book ♥