19 Sep 2013

Goal: To Annoy You At Least Once A Week + Hello Again

Hello there!

As you might have noticed, I took an unexpected hiatus. Unexpected because even though I knew I would be away for a month while in the UK holidaying (it was brilliant, by the way!), I hadn't expected I’d be gone this long. Hence the unexpected part. But here I am again and ready to blog away.

My goal isn't so much to be annoying (I hope I’m not) but rather to be present (but hey, it made you look right?) at least once a week. Let’s hope I stick to it!

Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to chatting books and annoying (ha!) you again? I so am! The number one thing about blogging that I've missed is you guys; the community that I’m so thankful to be apart of, so thanks for sticking around and happy reading!

P.S – I've got some reviews scheduled and coming your way in the near future but tell me, what else do you want to see on Reading Wishes; tell me your wishes and I will make them happen (or at least give it a whirl). Maybe you want an interview with an author from outer space or wish to know more about that new fictional crush of yours? Or maybe you want me to review a book that’s on your radar or want my opinion on a bookish topic that’s been in the spotlight recently? The sky is the limit. Literally. One of those suggestions would include me flying into space...


  1. I've missed your posts, and I fully encourage you to start annoying us regularly again. ;-) Can't wait to start reading your thoughts on books and writing again -- welcome back, Rebecca!

    1. Thanks Katy! I've missed your comments so here's to annoying you regularly - l'll try my best!