12 Oct 2013

Blog Tour: Lila Shortcuts - Nate Interview, Review & Giveaway!

Welcome to the LILA SHORTCUTS blog tour! Read on for an exclusive interview with Nate, the chance to enter an awesome giveaway and to hear my thoughts on the latest Lila ebook out! I hope you enjoy.

Q&A with Nate from the Lila series 

1. What have you been doing since Losing Lila came out?
Well, Suki and I managed a little excursion to Nantucket. We bumped into Alex and Lila. Weird, freaky co-incidence. Anyway, now we're back living with my grandma and about to start High School. We're seniors. I didn't want to go but my dad said we had to.

2. Any love interests we should know about?
The world's a big place. My interests are many. I've been spending a lot of time backstage hanging out in Harry Styles' dressing room. Also, I've been on a few 'dates' with Max Irons though he maybe wasn't fully aware I was sitting beside him. How yum is he?

3. What drives you most mad about Suki?
That I can't keep anything secret from her at all. And she doesn't know the meaning of the word 'secret.'

4. You have a pretty awesome skill being able to astrally project, where's the coolest place you've been?
Area 51. have you seen Rosswell? It's a secret CIA base in the desert. Suki says I can't say what they have in there because no one will believe me but oh man...I wish I could bring a camera when I project. What they say about UFOs and aliens? It's all true.
Also it was pretty cool to go up in Apollo, the last space craft NASA sent into space. I could see Suki's shoe collection from all the way up there.

5. Now you've beaten the Unit and destroyed Stirling Enterprises (nice work by the way) what next?
Finish school.

6. So tell us, if you had to choose between Jack and Alex, who would you choose?
Can I not have both? Alex has the still waters run deep thing going on and believe me he is super hot in the flesh. That's a sight worth paying money for. And Jack has the dark, moody, glowering thing going on. Kind of like Demos. Only sexier. I couldn't possibly choose.

Lila Shortcuts by Sarah Alderson
October 1st, 2013 · Simon and Schuster
Source: Author
Format: Ebook
Page Count: 128
Five compelling new short stories based in the world of HUNTING LILA. Told from the perspectives of Alex, Jack, Demos, Amber and Suki - fans of this thrilling series now have a chance to delve into the minds of other characters, and see what they really think!

I'm not the hugest fan of ebooks or short stories but I can never say no to anything Lila related and more than that, this was the first thing out of many attempts which finally succeeded in holding my attention during a rough reading slump. All five stories were enjoyable to read but Amber's was my favorite by far! If you're a fan of the Lila series and want MORE (whether it be Alex, Jack, Demos, Amber or Suki), this short ebook will definitely appeal.


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  1. I'm currently reading Hunting Lila and I like it so far. This is such a cool Q&A! Haha