25 Nov 2013

Review: Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend by Louise Rozett

Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend (Confessions #2) by Louise Rozett
June 25th, 2013 · Harlequin
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 288
Rose Zarelli has big plans for sophomore year—everything is going to be different. This year, she’s going to be the talented singer with the killer voice, the fabulous girl with the fashionista best friend, the brainiac who refuses to let Jamie Forta jerk her around...

...but if she’s not careful, she’s also going to be the sister who misses the signals, the daughter who can only think about her own pain, the “good girl” who finds herself in mid-scandal again (because no good deed goes unpunished) and possibly worst of all...the almost-girlfriend.

When all else fails, stop looking for love and go find yourself.
I was expecting a fun, genuine follow-up, hoping my expectations would be met and I shouldn’t have given it a second thought because I wasn't disappointed in the slightest; I loved Almost Girlfriend, even more than I did Angry Girl.

Wow, has Rose done some growing up! While she’s still carrying that confusion, self-doubt and uncertainty, like most teenagers do, were introduced to Rose 2.0. This new and improved Rose is (at times) sassy, more sure of herself and just trying to be the best person she can be and I LOVE it. Sure, she’s not perfect and she’s still got some growing to do but I can already see a difference within her since Angry Girl. I wasn’t expecting her character to have come so far so quickly but I’m glad to see Rose taking charge and that she’s growing with each book.

Tracy (Rose’s BFF) was utterly frustrating in Angry Girl so I was happy to finally meet the girl Rose used to be friends with – about time! I liked Jaime before but now I really, really like him. I just wish he’d stop running off all the time because it can drive a girl mad…and Rose too. Were reacquainted with old favourites (I love you, Angelo), introduced to a few new faces and finally get to see characters fleshed out a bit more. All in all, the characterisation was a hit.

I love that while the author addresses issues it never takes a turn for depressing or bleak. Rozett keeps the tone light, but meaningful and heartfelt, and for a second time in a row, has left me wanting more. I don’t think I could ever tire of this world, its characters and the reliability that comes with each book (seriously, it’s like Rozett has been living in my brain and stealing my thoughts; that’s how on mark and realistic Rose’s voice is, at least for me).

Upon finishing Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend, I raced off to Goodreads to add the next book to my shelf and find out a release date but was disappointed to find out that as of yet, there’s no news of a book three. I hope this is rectified ASAP and that we get at least one more instalment because I, for one, am not ready to see this series come to a close.



  1. i think i will have to check these books out!


    1. I think you will! They are really great, enjoyable books.

  2. Already have the first book! I think I'll start with the trilogy/series real soon! :D Yay, lovely review ;)

    1. Thanks Abby! I really hope you enjoy these books as much as I do :)

  3. I finished with Confessions of an Angry Girl and I was thoroughly impressed. I didn't connect with the sequel at all. Still, like you I looked for news of book three. I think Rozett does a good job of making me want to see how it all ends, even though I wasn't in love with book two.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books

    1. Aw, sorry to hear the sequel was a miss for you! That reminds me of my feelings for the Everbound series - I really enjoyed #1 but disliked #2 yet I'm still wanting to read #3 to see how it all ends.