17 Feb 2014

Love-A-Thon Awards

As part of Love-A-Thon and for mini-challenge #6, I present the Love-A-Thon awards! "Think of this as the Grammy's, Oscars, and your high school yearbook's senior best, all mixed together and dipped in book-nerdishness." With so many blogs out there, it's hard to keep up with them all and take the time to appreciate them - so here are my winners and why I think their worthy!
Best Blog Design
The Midnight Garden is gorgeous. They have the best header (I could stare at it all day) and such a lovely, sweet, simplistic look.

Best Weekly Feature
Cover Snark wins this award! I started following this feature at the end of last year thanks to Dahlia. If you love snark and keeping up to date with new covers, GO NOW, thank later.

Best Discussion Posts
The Perpetual Page-Turner is always having great and interesting discussions on her blog. One of the many reasons she’s a favourite of mine.

Friendliest Blogger
Jamie, Estelle and Magan - these girls are so lovely and when I've connected with them, so friendly and welcoming! Also, the creators of #LoveAThon totally deserve a mention as well - Alexa's a blogger who I feel always chats and includes everyone, which is an awesome quality to have! As for Katelyn, while I have followed her blog some, I don't usually chat with her but after this event and tweeting her the past few days, I definitely want to fix that! She's so nice!

Most Helpful Reviews
For me, the most helpful reviews come from bloggers whose taste I trust and have a similar taste in reading with. Reviews that help me when deciding/considering a book, therefore the most helpful, include:

Rather Be Reading: I love this blogging team! Estelle and Magan have amazing reviews!

The Tales Compendium: Jess is an IRL friend and I always enjoy reading her lovely reviews in between meet-ups.

wordchasing: Insightful, thoughtful and articulate , I’ve read and brought books (Jasper Jones, The Spectacular Now and This is Not a Test come to mind) after reading Reynje’s reviews they are THAT GOOD. She has a way with words (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!).

Trin in the Wind: Another reviewer who I consider dangerous to my to-read list, Trinity! I just added a book thanks to her and it wasn’t even a review but three sentences. See, helpful!

The Perpetual Page-Turner: I always love hearing what Jamie has to say when it comes to books!

Favorite Author Blog
My favourite author blog is an upcoming debut author, Dahlia Adler. I started following her sometime last year and I just LOVE her blog. She’s always blogging about books, writing, publishing and such. Always very interesting, comment worthy posts!

Favorite Author Twitter
Four of the best authors on Twitter IMO happen to be authors I’ve yet to read. Rainbow Rowell, Lauren DeStefano, Courtney Summers and Dahlia Adler always entertain and amuse me. If their tweets are anything to go by…

Favorite Bloggers To Fangirl With
Anyone who’s willing? ;)

Stop by the award winners and make sure you follow them if you aren't already! Share your favourites or link me to your post!


  1. <333 You just made my day. Seriously. I had a really crappy day with some really stressful things and this so lifted my mood. THANK YOU. I looooove you. I know I am crappy at commenting but I do love your blog and your thoughts and trust your opinions on books! Esp those Aussie books! :P

    1. Aw, now you've gone and made MY day! You're one of my favourite bloggers so that means a LOT. <3

  2. Thanks Rebecca! What book was that? haha

  3. Thanks for the shoutout, Rebecca! I'm truly honored to be included among a group of some of my blogger friends, and am seriously blushing at the compliment <3 I also love that there are 1 or 2 new-to-me bloggers on here. Must pay them a visit!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out lovely! I am honoured to be in such company. Hopefully catch up soon once everyone is back in town xx