8 Jun 2015

Simon’s Most Holy Awesome Pride Month Agenda

By now, you've probably heard of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. It's one of my favourites of 2015 and has become a beloved book by many. And if you haven't checked it out yet, I hope you do! 

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what Simon's Pride Month Agenda is all about, so I'll quit raving (for now) and get down to business. I'll pass the mike over to Simon who has kindly joined us today and let him fill you in! Just give him a minute to finish off his Oreo and then we're good to go.
*wipes Oreo crumbs out of the corners of my mouth*
*clears throat*

Hi, guys – Simon Spier here, and I’m pretty excited to dive into diversity on this freaking amazing blog. Sit back and relax while I tell you all about my Most Holy Awesome Pride Month Agenda. It's pretty epic if I do say so myself. Oh, wait, I just did.

So, here in the US, June is a pretty big deal for the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s National Pride Month, which means it’s an entire month dedicated to the utter badassery and amazingness of LGBTQIA+ kids, teens, and adults.

And let’s be clear. LGBTQIA+ people are pretty freaking badass and amazing.

So, in honor of Pride, I’m teaming up with two of my favorite Rebeccas with an epic scheme to support some of my favorite organizations. Want to participate and win some cool stuff? Here’s how!


1. Buy a shirt!  
Look awesome and feel awesome by purchasing one of these extremely cool shirts, designed by Rebecca from Reading Wishes! 100% of profits will be donated to GLSEN (http://www.glsen.org)! Buy your shirt here!

2. or… Donate!  

So, you’d rather be naked, but still want to support a LGBTQIA+ organization? Consider donating to one of my favorites!

- GLSEN: https://donate.glsen.org/page/contribute/Donate 

- The Trevor Project: http://www.thetrevorproject.org/section/donate 

- Human Rights Campaign: http://shop.hrc.org/membership-1.html

- GayYA Blog: http://www.gayya.org

No donation is too small – give what you can afford! And if you can’t afford a donation…

3. or… Share!  

Spread the news by sharing this post! It’s a great way to raise awareness, whether or not you’re able to donate.

4. Email! 

Don’t forget this step! If you buy a shirt, donate, or share this post, please send an email to becky.albertalli@gmail.com. This is totally on the honor system. WHY SHOULD YOU DO THIS? Because…

Everyone who buys a shirt, donates, or shares this post (AND emails Becky) will receive an actual deleted scene from the end of Simon Vs.! It’s a short email exchange between Blue and me, and it’s freaking embarrassing and romantic and UGH. Don’t hate us. (NOTE: SPOILERS. MAD SPOILERS. READ THE BOOK FIRST, OKAY?)

One random emailer will ALSO receive a signed copy of Adam Silvera’s More Happy Than Not AND a signed/personalized copy of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. Open internationally. Whoa.

Got it? Excellent.

Til next time,

*brain explodes from awesomeness* Thanks so much for reading and I hope you'll donate, buy a shirt and/or spread the word! Becky and I would so appreciate it! You can buy the shirt by clicking here.


  1. AHHH HOW COOL IS THIS. And reason #59305983 why I need to read the book. Omg, why haven't I even done it yet?! WHAT IS MY EXCUSE. *hyperventilates quietly*

  2. This is the greatest.

  3. Great shirts! Also, Do you have your blog on bloglovin? I haven't been able to use my eamil subscriptions effectively and I am missing tons of blog posts. I am trying to switch over to bloglovin, because I have noticed that I visit a lot more blogs that way. And I want to keep following your blog! :)

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  4. YAY for SIMON :D The shirt has turned out awesome, and I hope everyone buys one because it's great AND it supports a worthy cause AND you get super cute Simon/Blue emails? Is there a reason NOT to buy one?


    The answer is no.


  5. You've done an AMAZING job designing those tshirts bec, they look incredible. I personally love the first one. How long are they available to purchase for? I will certainly be making a small donate and spreading the news. Thank you for not only being an amazing advocate for YA, Aussies and also the entire community <3

  6. I mean, duh, amazingness overload. (SIMON, YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!!!)

  7. Sweetheart, don't fall into the 'whorizontal mindset' ...or you may not recover in time for the Warning:
    (you're totally doing so by supporting the gay lifestyle).
    Lemme show you a totally different lifestyle...

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    Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe
    (what I write);
    God believes in you.
    God. Blessa. Youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL
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    Do it. Do the deed, dude. Sign into the Big House.

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