26 Jul 2012

Review: Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson

Losing Lila (Lila #2) by Sarah Alderson
August 2nd, 2012 Simon and Schuster
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 320

Alex and Lila are on the run, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of the Unit, which somehow is managing to track their every move. Whilst Alex is determined to keep Lila safe and her ability secret at any cost, Lila’s only thought is of finding a way back to California so that she can rescue her brother and mother from the military base where they’re being held.
Struggling to control both her growing power and her deepening feelings for Alex, Lila decides the time has finally come to stop running and start fighting. Together with Alex, Demos, and the people she’s come to think of as family, Lila plans not just to save her brother and mother, but to completely destroy the Unit and everything it stands for.

But the plan requires Lila to return alone to California, make friends with the enemy, and to risk losing everything - Alex, her f
amily, and even her life.

To say I was excited for Losing Lila would be an understatement. I literally did a happy dance when this arrived in the mail. With it being my most anticipated series instalment of 2012 and after the way Hunting Lila ended, leaving us in the lurch, gasping for air, I was expecting Losing Lila to be excellent and had high hopes for it but I can happily say it surpassed my expectations. Sarah Alderson has outdone herself. And just when you thought this series couldn’t get any better…
The story picks up right off where Hunting Lila ended with Lila and Alex on the run. The author doesn’t waste a second before throwing the reader into the action and mayhem, making for an exciting ride. The pacing is spectacular; Sarah Alderson has the reader in the palm of her hand from beginning to end. There was never a second I wasn’t entertained. I couldn’t read fast enough, I needed to know what was going to happen next!
Losing Lila will have you on the edge of your seat; hooked and anxious to know what’s around the corner. It’s action-packed but even so, it still it had me grinning, giggling and squealing aloud.
Just when you think you’ve got it sorted, another bombshell drops. Revelations and secrets slowly unravel and yet it’s done in such a way it never felt overdone. You can see that the author has planned it well, with a clear purpose in mind and has included these twists with reason, not just for the heck of it.
The characters are back and they’re not going down without a fight - even if it means risking it all. Our favourites, along with characters we despise, return but we are also introduced to a few new faces. Lila truly is an incredible protagonist; she’s courageous and strong, but most of all, I love how much she cares for her family and the people closest to her. Alex is a dreamboat. He’s protective, caring and sexy. If only he existed in reality… It was inevitable I had missed these characters, but it wasn’t until I finally began reading Losing Lila that I discovered just how much. I didn’t think it was possible but after reading the sequel, I love these characters even more!
The ending wrapped up well even though I never ever wanted the book to end. As of yet there isn’t news of a third book but I really hope there is! If you thought Hunting Lila was good just wait til you get your hands on Losing Lila.


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Becca, I'm sorry, but my only possible conclusion after reading this review is that you're an awful, person, and a compulsive liar: no WAY did you struggle writing this... it's ... it's PERFECT!

    I'm SOOO glad you loved this as much as I did, and... oh, seriously, I think every Australian blogger is head over heels in love with Sarah :D

    (and I seriously don't think you're awful or a liar. I love you :D)

  2. 5/5?!?!?! Awesome!!!! I honestly feel like I am the very last person to read the first book Hunting Lila! I have heard nothing but good about it. Anyway I am SO glad to hear you enjoyed this one. The characters and the storyline both sound like so much fun.Thanks for sharing.

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