22 Jul 2012

Blogspiration (1): Keepin' It Real

Blogspiration is a weekly meme hosted by Growing Up YA & Saz101. The meme was created to help spark inspiration among bloggers, readers & writers alike. An inspirational quote/picture/video is posted weekly, on the day of the author's choosing, so that it may inspire creativity, conversation & just a little SOMETHING.

I really love this picture - it's bold, funky, true and most of all, it applies to the book blogging community and what's been happening recently. You should never have to sacrifice your opinion of a book when writing a review or be scared to put forward your honest thoughts. I’ve made some great author friends but even when I read one of their books and review it I always tell the truth. Always. Just because you might not like a certain book doesn't mean you should diss or verbally abuse an author. You won’t like every book you read and that is absolutely fine but it's important to keep your reviews honest yet fair, that’s really all authors can ask. You’re entitled to your opinion but just remember to be careful with your words, they can be powerful things. To wrap this up: keep it real and don't be afraid to voice your opinions. Let them be heard. 


  1. Completely agree. I'm doing a looong series on Twilight (see my blog if anyone's interested), which so many people love and I really can't stand. Some of the comments are pretty vicous, but its important to be honest about your beliefs. Or, in my case, mock a truly terrible book.

  2. I agree. I don't think you should have to sacrifice your opinion in order to protect someone else's. Or even just to conform. Thats a bit silly.
    Haha, anyway, I'm a new follower!
    Come check out my Blogspiration if you're interested.

  3. Becca, you already know I love this, and I realyl REALLY do. One of the beautiful things about this community are the varying opinions. As long as you're not name calling, or opinion isn't 'if you like this you're a moron', YES YES YES :P

    It's so sad Demion (above) is being attacked for her opinion, because, well, our opinions are important, and our voice is, too. LOVE this, hon ♥

  4. Sarah- Thanks. No worries though. I'm a big boy (yes, boy), and past the point in my life where anonymous internet idiots with no intellectual justification for what they're saying can bother me. Comes with the territory after all. Plus, bashing Twilight is soooo much fun. Kinda the only thing that makes writing endless posts about it worth the time.

  5. "You’re entitled to your opinion but just remember to be careful with your words, they can be powerful things."

    I wholeheartedly agree!! This is a really great post and I am sooo happy you put it up :)

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  7. Awesome picture, thanks for sharing :) I just found your blog and will definitely be following it from now on! I recently started my new blog on reading if you want to take a look: http://heartisinthewriteplace.blogspot.com/

    Thanks again!

  8. So very wise Becca :D Love this post! <3