22 Jun 2013

Au Revoir Google Reader and Moving On

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Google Reader is shutting its door come July 1st. This news isn’t new, I’ve known about this for months, but when I originally found out, I was disappointed having grown accustomed to using it since it’s been my way of keeping up to date with blogs I follow for over a year. Now? Not so much? It’s more of a bother than anything. But bother no more, I've now moved my feeds over to a new home! 

The options:
When I was browsing my options, the two that stood out were Bloglovin and Feedly. For some reason, I’ve never really gotten the appeal of Bloglovin but I've heard good things and know of bloggers who have it as a follow option on their blog. The other, Feedly, wasn't something I’d heard that much about until I went looking for information but what I found looked good and promising and not too much of a change to what I've been using.

The move:
I decided to go with Feedly and while I only just made the move a few days ago, I’m happy with it and have already downloaded the (free!) app. There’s multiple views which you can alter to your taste from a magazine view (for something different), to a title view (a similar viewing system to the one of Google Reader) yet the design is simple, easy to use and fits my needs well which is the main thing. 

Already made the switch? Still deciding? Either way, I’d love to hear who from you, who you went with, how you’re finding it and all that jazz. And if you don’t mind me picking your brain some more: do you use Bloglovin and if so, is it your preferred way to follow when deciding to follow a blog?

P.S - Wanting a more detailed, informative post listing pro’s and con’s, plus all the information you could ever want to help you choose your next reader? I recommend this post by Xpresso Reads!

P.S.S - There has been talk that GFC might soon be something of the past and whether it's true or not, if you like Reading Wishes and want to stay up to date, I’d love if you followed me via Twitter, Facebook, RSS or email.


  1. I'm following most blogs through Bloglovin' and I've made a back up on Feedly. I actually like these options better than the google reader :) So I'm following you on Bloglovin'!


    1. Using both crossed my mind and I might move my feeds to Bloglovin as my backup so even if I don't use it, it's all there. I had no idea anyone was following me on Bloglovin so yay! ^__^

  2. Ugh... I hate change. I've been doing just fine with Google Reader for years. I was reluctant to switch to something new, but I made the jump to Feedly last month and so far it's been pretty painless. In fact, now that I'm used to it, I think I might actually like Feedly better than GR. Funny how that happens. :-) Best of luck making the switch, Rebecca!

  3. I went with Bloglovin'

    Loving the new blog design!

  4. I'm using feedly and I LOVE it!