10 Jun 2014

Links of Awesome from Around the Blogosphere

There are so many great blogs to visit and new posts being published all the time, but there is only so much time in the day. So, that's why I've compiled a list of recent-awesome for you to check out! From cool posts, to bookish events and more, I hope you find something that catches your eye! 

(P.S. I was thinking of making this a regular thing, so let me know if you'd be interested in that or not. I aim to entertain. OK, bye.)
Fans of TFIOS will want to check this out – but I warn you, hide your wallet.

Sweet Summertime Reads hosted by Ginger is on again. Perfect for Summer readers or those trying to escape Winter.

Why We Believe In YA Romance – debuts authors dish on their very own real-life YA Romances

My True Love Gave To Me anthology has a cover! It’s so pretty and HOW did I only find out about this books' existence last week??  Stephanie Perkins is an author! And Jenny Han! And more! I’m so excited.

The votes are in – YA Highway announces YA Web Award Winners

Jaz discusses the disconnect in the Book Blogging Community. Have you noticed it?

Need a holiday? Escape to a hotel for book lovers! (I may or may not be dreaming about their collection of books...)

Author Christa Desir on When Books Start Great Conversations - take my advice, read it. Also, there’s talk of mouth eating love. Yes.

Calling all teens: Want advice from YA Author’s? Check out this upcoming Advice Column and submit your questions.

36 Times Jess Mariano Completely Melted Your Heart On "Gilmore Girls” – Jess fans, this post is for you. There are GIF’s. Guarantee you’ll swoon.

And not to toot my own horn but... 

Save the date for the Behind the Scenes Twitter Party next week!

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  1. Lots of great finds, I'm off to check out the hotel for booklovers and the Jaz's post about the disconnect in the book community. I haven't noticed it but I'm curious.