29 Nov 2014

Book Haul: 6 Months in the Making

I've gotten a heap of books over the last 6 months - most were purchased or swapped, and a few were from a giveaway or for review. Either way, I thought you might like to take a sneak peak at the new/ish books on my shelf. And of course, now that I have your attention, I can do one of my favourite things - chat books!

So many books, so little time. So I'll just highlight a few titles...

Currently reading Sacrifice (thanks Allen & Unwin) and it's going great. Looking forward to seeing how the series ends. I've heard mixed things about How to Love, but I also know quite a few of blogger friends who loved it. Interested to where I fall on the scale. Same goes for Grasshopper Jungle - I think it's either a love it or hate it kind of book. What I Thought Was True and Nantucket Blue look like great Summer reads. Which, you know, is great, because it's starting to heat up in Australia! I've yet to read a book by Maggie Stiefvater (it was on my must-get-to this year... #fail), but now I have The Raven Boys, I don't have an excuse, do I? To all you super fans out there, do you think this is a good place to start? I only just found out about The Astrologer's Daughter, but it sounds great - I love a good mystery/thriller, plus it's Aussie! Spirit Bound is me just adding to my collection - VA being my favourite series and all. Gone sounds like a very entertaining series and I've heard good things. 

Which of these titles have you read or want to read yourself? Let me know which books I should bump up on the TBR!


  1. Incredible stack! So many wide and varied reads and some of those are absolutely brilliant too, I think anything by Patrick Ness is a winner especially. The Raven Boys is supposed to be incredible, I've had that one for ages but haven't started it yet either, supposed to be much better than her Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Gone, book will blow your socks off, but by the time I reached book three in the series, I've had to abandon it. For me each book is just repetitive of the last one. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

    That reminds me, I need to grab a copy of since you've been gone. I love that cover, so summer retro.
    Happy reading poppet <3

    1. Poppet? That's adorable ^__^

      A shame to hear the Gone series didn't continue well for you. I feel that it' so hard to find a series that is able to keep up and better itself with each book. I think that's one of the big reasons VA is my fave. The whole series just flowed and progressed so well.

      Happy reading to you, too!

    2. I'm reading through the Percy Jackson series at the moment, and it's absolutely brilliant. Incredibly funny too. One of the few YA series that I'm able to continue and can't find fault with either.

  2. Ah, so many great books here! :D The Knife of Letting Go is a book I really want to read. I actually have already read the entire trilogy, but I feel as though as I don't remember anything, so I definitely want to read it again. The Raven Boys is fantastic! I liked the first book, even though it was confusing, but it was The Dream Thieves that made me fall in love with the series. Since You've Been Gone and Winger were very enjoyable - hope you like them! I also loved The Distance Between Us.

    Personally, I'm looking forward to reading What I Thought Was True and Ask the Passengers. :)

    1. I know, it's hard to know where to start... I must confess, hearing you say The Raven Boys is confusing is kinda scary. I'm already confused enough as it is.. Hope I can keep up! So glad you enjoyed so many of these! Hope you enjoy WITWT & ATP when you get round to them! Both look grew

  3. BIG haul! I loved The Raven Boys series, The Distance Between Us and the Vampire Academy series. I have a few of these, but I haven't read them yet. I hope you love them all!

  4. Ahhh, so many awesome books! I'm drooling over all the pretties.

    I seriously need to pick up Sacrifice! I've been an avid fan of the series up to this point, so I want to see how things wrap up as well. I was more towards the meh side with How to Love, but I hope you enjoy it more than I did!! I've also heard ah-mazing things about both The Distance Between Us and Since You've Been Gone, and both of them seem like such hard-hitting contemporaries. Can't wait to see what you think!! Also, I'm in LOVE with The Knife of Never Letting Go. One of my FAVORITE all time series, so you totally need to get on reading that! It can be a little hard to read at the beginning, but dang, it is totally worth it by the end of the series.

    Lovely haul, Rebecca! I hope you enjoy everything! <3

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life