28 Dec 2011

My (Bookish) Christmas Gifts


Hope you all had a good Christmas and got some nice books! I got some great presents, and thought I’d share with you what bookish things I received! Ithought you might like to see what I got, so here’s it is:

*The Hunger Games Boxset by Suzanne Collins - I actually ordered this myself, but my Aunty paid for it and wrapped it and everything . It was such a surprise when I got it on Christmas day, how did she know I wanted it! ;)

*If I Stay by Gayle Forman – My good friend, Antoinette, got me this book. I’ve wanted to read this for ages especially since this book is raved about so much. I’m super glad -  it looks like 2012 will be the year I finally read it! Yay!

*Dymocks Giftcard – I love going into bookstores, browsing and buying books so it looks like that’s what I’ll be doing very shortly! Thanks Mum!

Oh, and not to be mean, but when I check out the book beneath the cover, look what I found. Ain't it pretty!  

I didn’t get many books but I got a bit of money, so I’ll be indulging myself with some books I didn’t get, that’s a definite!

Again, I hope you had a jolly Christmas with your family and friends, wherever you live! Feel free to leave some links with what you were lucky enough to receive!

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  1. That hunger games set looks really good!
    love the classic style hardcovers with the simple emblems on the front :)